Alert: All GHeL courses that were previously approved for FAC-COR CLPs will need to be re-approved, following the relaunch of FAI on July 1, 2022.  Please hold on submitting certificates for GHeL courses for CL credit until further notice.

NEW Free MOOC Course on "Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers"

We are excited to announce that our colleagues at Johns Hopkins will be offering another free Massive, Open, Online course (MOOC) on Coursera on gender-based violence (GBV). In September and October 2015, they offered one that drew on case studies from India. This year's course titled, "Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers," introduces learners to a global perspective on GBV, includes a review with Dr. Claudia Garcia-Moreno of the new WHO guidelines on responding to violence, and provides specific examples and programs from around the world.

After taking the course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the global epidemiology of leading forms of GBV and the evidence linking GBV to poor health.
  • Articulate the challenges, strategies, and WHO guidelines for integrating GBV response within the health sector.
  • Describe the components of a comprehensive clinical assessment, treatment, and management of a GBV survivor.
  • Describe the appropriate psychosocial support and management of a GBV survivor.

The course runs from July 11 to August 7, 2016.

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