UPDATED COURSE!! The DHS - Data Use course has been re-published with new content

How much can change in 4 years?  Well, at the Demographic and Health Surveys, a lot.  The Global Health elearning Center’s course “Demographic and Health Surveys: Data Use” was just updated, 4 years after its initial launch.  And while The DHS Program is known for its standard methodologies and consistency over time, we do evolve, responding to new demographic and health data needs, as well as new technologies.

The DHS: Data Use course provides an overview of the Demographic and Health Surveys, from the basics of survey design and implementation, to demographic and health statistics,  practice reading DHS tables, the protocol and implications of testing for HIV in a population-based survey, and tips for communication and using DHS data for programs and policy making.

In June 2014, the course content was been updated and expanded.  Here are just a few of the changes reflected in the revised DHS: Data Use course:

  • New project name!  In October 2013, MEASURE DHS became The DHS Program.
  • With the new DHS project came a new priority area: capacity strengthening.  Learn how DHS incorporates capacity strengthening into every stage of the survey.
  • Updated website and STATcompiler respond to new data needs, and improved technology and data visualization make data use even easier.
  • The DHS Program Mobile App, User Forum, and many social media platforms did not exist when the course was first developed in 2010.  Learn how these tools can support your data use and keep you informed.
  • New survey topics and methodologies are becoming standard, such as computer-assisted interviewing and testing for HIV incidence.  Read about how the DHS responds to the data needs of the global health community and tests new methodologies while preserving data quality.

As of June 2014, more than 5,900 learners had completed the DHS: Data Use course from 132 countries.