You can download courses for free!

Our new GHeL platform is interoperable and allows course content to be more widely accessed and shared. Courses can be downloaded in ePub, Mobi, PDF and print versions. This capability ensures the reusability, durability, and accessibility of the course content remains flexible.

To access the different versions of courses, start by going to the course guide page of the course you are interested in. On the right hand you will see “Offline Reading” versions listed. Click on the format that suits your needs best.

  • Print – use this option to get the full text of a course, and/or to print the course.
  • PDF – use this option to get a PDF copy of the course.
  • ePub – use this option to get a copy of the course you can use in eBook readers (except for Kindle). If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, ePub is the best option for you, and will open in iBooks. View tutorial
  • mobi – use this format to get a copy of the course you can use in a Kindle ereader, or in a Kindle app.

Quizzes are not currently part of offline reading, but will be shortly so please check back if this is a feature you are in need of.

Note: Courses are scheduled for revisions every two years. The authoritative content is always the content on the website. New Courses and revised courses are announced to all users.