mHealth Basics Study Group

This study group will be facilitated by Trinity Zan and Nandini Jayarajan of the Knowledge for Health project. Trinity has extensive experience in implementing mHealth programs in the field, including the m4RH project that is included as a case study in the course. Nandini currently manages the Global Health eLearning Center and has ICT-related field experience in Madagascar and India.

Between January 12-29, 2015, Trinity and Nandini will guide you through the course via a series of thought-provoking discussions. We ask that you come prepared to answer the questions based on knowledge you have gained taking the eLearning course and from your own work, to ask your own questions, and to learn from each other.  Our goal is that you will feel empowered and inspired to apply what you have learned from the course and from each other to your work.

In addition to Trinity and Nandini, there will  be mHealth experts from a number of organizations representing donors, implementers, and technologists actively participating, sharing their best practices and lessons learnt, and answering your questions.

The discussion will follow the following schedule as much as possible.

  1. On Monday, 12 January evening EST, General Introduction. Session 1-3 discussion questions will be posted.

  2. On Thursday, 15 January morning EST, Evidence. Session 4 discussion questions will be posted.

  3. On Monday,19 January morning EST, Planning and Concept development. Session 5-6 discussion questions will be posted.

  4. On Wednesday, 21 January morning EST, Solution Design and Testing. Session 7 discussion questions will be posted.

  5. On Friday, 23 January morning EST, Monitoring and Evaluation. Session 8 discussion questions will be posted.

  6. On Tuesday, 27 January morning EST, Scale Up and Sustainability. Session 9 discussion questions will be posted.

  7. On Thursday, 29 January morning EST, closing remarks will be posted.

Group Managers: 

Nandini Jayarajan, Program Officer, JHU•CCP
Trinity Zan, Technical Advisor, FHI 360

Resources in mHealth Basics Study Group

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