Applying Segmentation to SBC in Family Planning

Convening of Women's Saving Club. Credit: MCHIP / Karen Kasmauski

This course will provide insight into how segmentation can be a valuable asset in implementing social and behavior change programming within family planning and other health areas. The course will provide a brief overview on how segmentation is completed and more extensive content on how to apply the results to programming. The student will complete the course with a greater appreciation for the value of segmentation, and how it could help their own organization’s efforts.


  • Describe the value of and role for segmentation in the process of implementing social and behavior change programs
  • Identify the steps necessary to conduct an audience segmentation effort
  • Identify what a successful segmentation looks like
  • Describe how a segmentation can be leveraged to develop social and behavior change interventions


  • 2 hours


  • Monday, June 14, 2021

Course Authors: 

  • Jessica Vandermark

  • Todd Penke

  • Marc Allen

  • Lynn Van Lith

Course Managers: 

  • Mike Myers, GHPOD II