Essential Steps for Improving Newborn Survival

Grace Nukayisire with her 1-day-old baby Ineza at the maternity ward in Manyange health center in Nyamata, Rwanda.

The newborn period is the most vulnerable time in a child’s life. Close to half of under-five childhood deaths occur in this vulnerable newborn periodThis course will orient participants to the latest research, technical knowledge, and best practices that are essential to babies surviving and thriving around the world. 


By the end of this mini-course, the participant will be able to understand and discuss the following:

  • The magnitude, breadth, disparities, and significance of newborn mortality worldwide
  • The primary causes and risk factors for neonatal morbidity, mortality, and stillbirths
  • Effective interventions for maternal and newborn health across the life cycle, including preconception care, healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies, antenatal care, labor and delivery management, and postnatal care
  • Foundations of routine essential newborn care for every baby at birth, including helping babies breathe, keeping them warm, keeping them clean, helping them feed, and regular monitoring and assessment for mother and baby
  • Metrics and indicators related to newborn health
  • Current global partnerships and initiatives related to newborn health
  • Program development and implementation strategies for essential newborn care, including successful case studies 


The following individuals are greatly appreciated for their invaluable support and expertise in developing this course:

  • Stella Abwao, MCSP
  • Tedbabe Degefie, UNICEF
  • Nandini Jayarajan, CCP
  • Lily Kak, USAID
  • Neena Khadka, MCSP
  • Smita Kumar, USAID
  • Ornella Lincetto, WHO 
  • Goldy Mazia, MCSP
  • Corinne Mazzeo, MCSP
  • Lisa Mwaikambo, CCP
  • Susan Niermeyer, USAID
  • Bina Valsangkar, Saving Newborn Lives, Save the Children
  • Greta Wetzel, Saving Newborn Lives, Save the Children
  • Lydia Wisner, MCSP

Special thanks to Barbara Deller, ACCESS, who authored the first edition of this course (published August 14, 2006).


  • 2 hours 30 minutes


  • Friday, July 28, 2017

Course Authors: 

  • Erin Pfeiffer, MCSP consultant

Course Managers: 

  • Amy Lee, CCP

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