Tuberculosis - Advanced Concepts

DOTS Sure cure fo TB painted on a wall

This course is a follow-on to Tuberculosis Basics (Updated) and presents more information about tuberculosis (TB), including an assessment on progress made in TB control  and prevention, information about MDR and XDR TB, childhood TB, infection control, the International Standards for TB Care (ISTC), and advocacy, communication, and social mobilization (ACSM).

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Check out this newly published (as of May 2017), self-paced course titled, Using New TB Medicines and Regimens, which introduces healthcare workers to new TB medicines such as bedaquiline and delamanid, and new regimens such as the 9 month regimen, and the responsible use of them, for the treatment of multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).


When you have completed this eLearning course, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Global TB achievements (progress made in TB control and prevention)
  • Special TB challenges (e.g., MDR TB, XDR TB, childhood TB)
  • The importance of infection control
  • The International Standards for TB Care
  • Advocacy, Communication, and Social mobilization


We greatly appreciate the invaluable help from the following individuals in developing this course:


Susan Bacheller
Amy Bloom
Connie Davis
Stella Goings
Irene Koek
Peg Marshall
Gavin MacGregor-Skinner
Carolyn Mohan
Clydette Powell
Cheri Vincent


  • 2 hours


  • Sunday, January 11, 2009

Course Authors: 

  • Clydette Powell, USAID

Course Managers: 

  • Megan O'Brien, CCP
  • Sara Mazursky, CCP
  • Terra Fretwell, USAID

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