Course Translations

Translation Policy for USAID’s Global Health eLearning Courses


USAID’s Global Health eLearning (GHeL) courses are published in English because the primary audience for the courses is USAID staff who manage health programs and their partners. However, we understand that there is a desire to access the material in other languages.

If your organization is interested in hiring your own translators and making the content available in other languages, we support this, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Please inform GHeL of your intent with an e-mail to Terra Fretwell at Describe which courses you would like to translate, how they will be shared or used, and include an approximate timeline. Provide full contact information for your organization and for the translating company or resource.
  2. As part of the translation process, your organization must also include a medical review by an expert fluent in the target language to assure the technical accuracy of the translation. The level of language should be at the most widely understood level, such as that understood by a community level health worker in the field.
  3. Conduct one field test of the material with bilingual native speakers. Incorporate their suggestions and corrections into the final version.
  4. Properly cite and reference the Global Health eLearning Center and the Website at We ask that the content be attributed to the Global Health eLearning Center, acknowledging the date in which the course content was published online for which you are translating, and the course authors as listed on the course. Your organization should be cited for the translation along with the date in which the translation occurred. 
  5.  Send an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the translated course(s) to Terra Fretwell at, so that it can be made available for download on the GHeL Website. 
  6. Share with us the total project cost of a course translation so that we may respond to queries about overall cost and the “per word” cost.
  7. Be aware that courses are scheduled for revision every 2 to 4 years, and that any translations will need to be updated accordingly. Arrange for your staff to keep abreast of the publication of revised course versions. Publication of new courses is usually announced to all users in our database.


Thank you very much for your interest in and support of the Global Health eLearning Center.