The questions below are the most common questions we receive here at the GHeL Center. Click on the question, and the answer will drop down. If your question can not be answered below, please contact us, and we will try our best to help you!

Certificate Questions

  • I earned a certificate, but can't find it, where did it go?

    Links to certificates can be found here:

    1. In the account you used to take the course. Quite often, people have multiple accounts and forget which account they used when they passed a course.

    2. When you successfully complete the exam. The page that announces your success will have a link to the certificate.

    3. On your dashboard page. If the course has been updated, a link to your expired certificate is still available.

  • Can I receive a CME or CEU for my successful completion?

    Because accreditation varies by country and by profession, the GHeL Center does not accredit or provide CME or CEU credits for courses.

    GHeL courses have been accredited by a number of regulatory bodies in various countries. Please refer to our services page for more details. If you are interested in obtaining CME or CEU credits for your successful completion of GHeL courses, we advise that you present your certification of completion along with a copy of the course landing page to your respective regulatory body.

  • Can you mail me my certificate?

    At this time we are unable to mail certificates. We encourage you to either print it yourself or save to a storage device to print in the future. Please also note your certificates are available on the “My Dashboard” page.

  • Can I save my certificate to print later?

    Your certificate(s) is always available to you on your “My Dashboard” page. Click on the certificate icon for the course certificate or program certificate that you wish to access. Your certificate will open as an HTML certificate that you can print to paper or to PDF. If you print to PDF, then you can save it on your computer. 

    If you do not have access to a printer for paper printing, you can always return back to your Learner Home or save the certificate to print later. 

  • If I forgot to print my certificate when I completed my course, how can I access it?

    Certificates are printable from the “My Dashboard” page on our website. You will see a tab that says Certificate next to the courses or programs you have successfully completed. Click on this icon to see your certificate which you can then print or save. Unless a course has been updated, your certificates will always be available in your Learner Home. 

  • What certificates do you offer?

    You can earn a certificate of completion by successfully completing each course, or you can earn a program certificate by successfully completing all courses within a certificate program.

Course Development

  • How often are courses revised?

    Our policy is to review courses every two to four years, depending on the evidence base supporting the guidance presented in the course and whether or not there has been much change. Please see our Revision Policy for more information.

  • How do I suggest a topic?

    We welcome ideas for future courses! You can email to suggest topics. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

  • How long does it take to develop a course?

    It generally takes 6-9 months to develop a new course on the Global Health eLearning Center. However, timeframes vary widely based on the amount of dedicated time the course author(s) has to devote to the entire process.

    In addition to content creation, all courses have a comprehensive technical review prior to publishing on this site. 

Course Access

  • Who is the target audience for GHeL courses?

    The primary target audiences for GHeL Center are USAID staff and partners working in health. However, the courses are open to the public and, as a result, the vast majority (over 80%) of all learners come from outside USAID. This includes staff from non-US based universities, international, national, and local non-governmental organizations, and multilateral organizations.

  • Can you send me PDF resources within courses? I can't seem to access them.

    In order to access PDF resources within courses, you will need Adobe Reader®. If you do not have Adobe Reader® on your computer, you can download and install a free version from the Adobe website at Follow the directions to download and install the program and then return to to begin taking courses.

  • Can I have my password sent to me if I forgot it?

    Yes! On the sign-in page (, click “reset password” and follow the instructions on the page. Further password instructions will be sent to the email address you submitted when you signed up on the site.   

  • Can I change/update my information?

    Yes! You can change or update your personal information –including your name, email address and password, country, occupation, and even upload a photo – by visiting the “My Dashboardpage and clicking on "Edit Profile".  Be sure to type in your first and last name exactly as you would like them to appear on a course or program completion certificate.

  • Can I link to a course as a resource on my website or other materials?

    Yes, please do!

    You can link directly to the Courses page to show the full list of courses, the Certificate Programs to show the learning program available, or a specific course home page (e.g.

  • Can you send me a CD with the courses on them?

    The GHeL Center learning platform supports various ways to access course content. On each course landing page (opening page of a course), you will see an Offline Reading section. You can click on the format (i.e., PDF, print, Epub, Mobi) that best suits your needs.

    However, we cannot support the printing and shipping costs associated with mailing CDs.


  • Can I take course information and translate or adapt it myself?

    Yes, as this information is in the public domain you are free to translate the course material for use in your work.

    The GHeL Translation Policy guides you through the process and explains the types of information we would like back from you if you translate a course.

  • Do you offer courses in languages other than English?

    Courses are offered in English on the Global Health eLearning Center. However, we do have a number of courses that have been independently translated and are available as downloadable PDFs on our Translated Courses page.

    We also have seven courses that have been dynamically translated; that is, you can take them via our website in another language. To change the language, click the Language dropdown menu, which is located on the upper-right corner.