HIV Stigma and Discrimination

Stigma and discrimination related to HIV and AIDS have a profound effect on the course of the epidemic. The fear of stigma and discrimination negatively affects the way in which individuals and families protect themselves and provide care and support to those affected.

This course explores HIV-related stigma and discrimination, including their importance and effects on behavior and HIV responses, promising practices for addressing them, and addresses the complex challenges that remain.


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Define HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and related concepts
  • Understand the negative consequences of stigma and discrimination on people, communities, and program efforts
  • Outline key strategies to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination
  • Understand key tools used to monitor and measure stigma and discrimination reduction efforts
  • Know where to look for further information or technical assistance


We would like to thank Ken Morrison of the Futures Group for his contribution to the course content.

We would also like to acknowledge the following peer reviewers for their valuable input:

Anne Stangl, ICRW
Caroline Wills, Consultant
Anuar Luna, Consultant
Caroline Teter, CEDPA
Jim Shelton, USAID
Ugochukwu Amanyeiwe, USAID