HIV/AIDS Legal and Policy Requirements

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the HIV/AIDS legislative and policy requirements that govern HIV and AIDS activities. 
The primary audience for this course are persons who manage and/or implement USAID-supported HIV and AIDS activities. It is important for USAID staff, implementing partners, and government counterparts to be knowledgeable about all of the requirements.  
The course will specifically review the requirements that pertain to:
  • Medically accurate information about condoms
  • Prostitution and sex trafficking
  • Conscience Clause
  • Working with faith-based organizations (FBOs)
  • Working with military, police, prisons, and other law enforcement personnel
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC)
  • HIV and AIDS and family planning (FP/HIV) integrated activities


Continuous Learning Points for USAID Staff

USAID staff who complete this course may claim 2 continuous learning points (CLPs) for A/CORs. USAID staff can visit OAA's Professional Development and Training pages for more information.   


After successfully completing this course, learners will be able to:
  • Describe the existing major legal and policy requirements applicable to USG HIV and AIDS activities;
  • Understand the application of the legal and policy requirements that impact FP/HIV integrated programs;
  • Describe actions for ensuring compliance with the requirements; and
  • Know whom to contact for further information or assistance and how to access resource materials.


The course was last updated in January 30, 2015. However, to ensure that certificates of completion remain up-to-date, the course will be taken down at the end of December and republished in early January every year. The current date of publishing [January 2, 2018] does not represent any changes to the actual content of the course.
Collaborating organizations involved in the development of HIV/AIDS Legal and Policy Requirements course include:
  • Kathleen Borgueta, USAID/Office of HIV/AIDS
  • Diane Bui, USAID/General Counsel
  • David Davies-Deis, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs
  • Shyami DeSilva, USAID/Office of HIV/AIDS
  • Lindsey Miller, USAID/Office of HIV/AIDS
  • Lisa Mwaikambo, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs
  • Lesley Stone, USAID/Global Health Bureau
  • Diana Weed, USAID/General Counsel

We would also like to acknowledge the following technical reviewers for their valuable input:

  • Elaine Menotti, USAID/Office of Population and Reproductive Health
  • Richael O’Hagan, USAID/Office of Population and Reproductive Health
  • Kimberly Cole, USAID/Office of Population and Reproductive Health
  • Mary Vandenbroucke, USAID/Office of Country Suppport
  • Tamara Bates, USAID/General Counsel 
  • Rahel Beigel, USAID/Office of HIV/AIDS
  • Peggy D’Adamo, USAID/Office of Population and Reproductive Health
  • Kim Ahanda, USAID/Office of HIV/AIDS