Child stands in front of a sign reading, "Pneumonia #1 is the one killer!" in the Philippines

Pneumonia is a major killer of children under five years of age. Although children's mortality resulting from pneumonia has decreased in the last two decades, it is still the leading cause of death for children under five globally.

In this course, you will learn what needs to be done for further reduction of this preventable disease.


By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Describe the epidemiology of pneumonia worldwide
  • Describe principles of pneumonia case management in children under five years of age
  • Discuss approaches that can reduce pneumonia-related mortality
  • Explain why pneumonia interventions are one of the top priorities in child survival programs aimed at reducing under-five mortality in low- and middle-income countries


Special thanks to Marina Budeyeva, BASICS, who authored the first edition of this course (published August 9, 2008). 

The course authors would also like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to the course revision: Troy Jacobs and Malia Boggs from USAID; and Kate Gilroy, Dyness Kasungami, Sarah Lackert, Michel Pacque, Zeenat Patel, and Serge Raharison from MCSP/JSI.


  • 2 hours


  • Friday, April 14, 2017

Course Authors: 

  • Rachel Bonawitz MD, BUSPH, Center for Global Health and Development

  • James Wolff MD, MPH, BUSPH, Center for Global Health and Development

Course Managers: 

  • Patricia Jodrey, USAID

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