Antimicrobial Resistance (Part 1)

 A woman in Pemba, Mozambique receives an explanation on how to take ACTs for malaria_Arturo Sanabria, Courtesy of Photoshare

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occurs when disease-causing pathogens adapt to become able to withstand the killing or suppressing power of antimicrobial medicines. These drug-resistant pathogens can then spread within health facilities and the community, in humans, animals, and the environment. This phenomenon increases the global burden of infectious diseases and strains health systems.

This course aims to improve the learner's awareness and understanding of the basic principles of AMR, the impact AMR has not only on individuals but also on the society, making it a major public health concern.

A complementary course, Antimicrobial Resistance (Part 2), describes interventions that address the multiple factors contributing to AMR.


After completing this course, the learner will be able to do the following:

  • Describe what AMR is and how it emerges 
  • Provide an overview of the major drivers of AMR and how it spreads
  • Explain how AMR affects diseases of major public health importance
  • Describe the impact of AMR on individuals, society, health systems, and global health goals
  • Describe recent international efforts to address AMR including the Global Health Security Agenda


The authors acknowledge and extend the utmost appreciation to USAID staff who reviewed the current (2021) version of the course:

  • Jessica Petrillo, USAID
  • Elisabeth Ludeman, USAID
  • Tobey Busch, USAID
  • Tiffany D'mello, USAID

The course authors thank those who contributed to and reviewed the previous (2016) version of the course:


  • Aubrey Clark, SIAPS/Management Sciences for Health (MSH)
  • Mohan P. Joshi, SIAPS/MSH


  • Anthony F. Boni (USAID)
  • Martha Embrey, MSH
  • Kim Grimmick, MSH

We also wish to acknowledge those individuals who developed the original version of this course (published May 2010): 

  • Authors:
    • Nick Nelson (SPS/MSH)
    • Mandi Ramshaw (MSH)
    • Mohan P. Joshi (SPS/MSH)
  • Reviewers:
    • Anthony F. Boni (USAID)
    • Veerle Coignez (USAID)
    • Jim Shelton (USAID)
    • Tina Brock (MSH)
    • Martha Embrey (MSH)



  • 2 hours


  • Friday, November 12, 2021

Course Authors: 

  • Mohan P. Joshi, USAID MTaPS, MSH

  • Martha Embrey, MSH

  • Gabriel Swinth, USAID MTaPS, MSH

Course Managers: 

  • Alexis Leonard, USAID

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